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wunderlin Tiny Hands on Sticks - Baby, Mini Finger Hands 6.25 Inch Long Funny White Elephant Gifts Great Gag!

wunderlin Tiny Hands on Sticks - Baby, Mini Finger Hands 6.25 Inch Long Funny White Elephant Gifts Great Gag!

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  • 🤡TINY HANDS ON STICKS: Mini Tiny Hands Don’t Have to be Just for Politicians. These 6.25” Realistic Plastic Mini Hands are Easy to Conceal Up Your Sleeve Until Just the Right Moment. Guaranteed to Draw a Laugh from Both Sides of the Aisle.
  • 🤡FREAK OUT YOUR FRIENDS: Just When They Thought They Know You, Pop Out Your Tiny Hands On Sticks to Prove Them Wrong. Just Hold on to Mini Hands Easy Grip Handles. You Might Buy an Extra Set Because Your Friends are Guaranteed to Want them too.
  • 🤡A GIFT FOR THE PERSON WHO HAS EVERYTHING: What Could be Better than an Extra Pair of Little Hands? Four Hands Help that Busy Person Work Even Harder. And, When Stressed Out, They Make a Great Back Scratcher.
  • 🤡GREAT PARTY PRANKS: Nothing Says “party” Like a Set of Tiny Hands! While They May Not be the Best for Holding Your Favorite Beverage, They are Guaranteed to Bring Laughs. Going as a Couple? Buy a Pair For Your Significant Other to Show your Commitment.
  • 🤡REALISTIC MINI TINY HANDS: If You Weren’t Lucky (Like Some) to be Born With Tiny Hands, You Can Change That Now. Best White Elephant Gift You Can Ever Buy. Necessary For Creating Viral Videos. Recommended for Pranking Parents and Friends.
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This hat might be the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me NGL. This is so cute, it’s soft, it’s adjustable, and best of all it’s Appa. If you have any reservations about buying this, just do it. It’s worth the money.

Avery J.

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